Roll-off dumpsters are extremely helpful for both residential and commercial users, but are roll-off dumpsters safe to use? The answer is yes! Roll-off dumpsters are specifically crafted to be durable, flexible, and safe. All roll-off dumpsters supplied by Nix Tank Company have been through thorough testing to make sure each and every dumpster is secure and ready to use. Although we guarantee the utmost reliability and safety from our part, there are some things that you can do to ensure the utmost safety as well.

Don’t move the roll-off dumpster yourself

If you need to move the dumpster for any reason, make sure to call your provider and they will move it for you. This is important because you could not only harm yourself or others in the process, but you will be completely liable for any damages that occur to the dumpster while in your possession.

Don’t put prohibited materials into the dumpster

Hazardous materials including: chemicals, gasoline, oils, paints, solvents, car batteries, asbestos, asbestos containing materials, propane tanks, or any type of toxic waste should not be placed in the roll-off dumpster. Avoid throwing household food trash, liquids (including wet paint), tires and TV or Computer monitors as well. Any penalties acquired due to improper disposal will be your responsibility.

Keep small children away from the dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters are quite large and hold a lot of potentially harmful materials. Children should not be left unaccompanied as they might get into something that could hurt them. While toxic materials are not allowed to be placed inside the dumpster, there could be heavy object that could harm children if they should get inside or they could inadvertently tip the roll-off dumpster if it is off balance.

Load dumpsters evenly

Dumpster must not be loaded above the sides or have anything sticking out of the unit as it could place strain on the dumpster and cause it to tip. If you place concrete, brick or rubble into your dumpster, make sure it doesn’t exceed 10% of the allowed weight of a General Waste container. The heavier the material, the more important it is to keep the weight evenly distributed.

By taking the necessary precautions to uphold roll-off dumpster safety, you will guarantee the safest waste removal for your project. Roll-off dumpsters are built to withstand large, heavy loads and provide the safest disposal for a variety of different tasks.