Portable Restrooms

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes time for you to purchase or rent a portable restroom, there may be certain questions that you have beforehand. It is important to ask those questions so you can be completely satisfied with your portable restrooms and get the best out of the entire experience. The following are some frequently asked about portable restrooms that may help answer some of your own questions.

How many portable restrooms will I need?

Sometimes calculating the number of toilets you will need for an event or work location can be difficult, especially if you are unsure of how many people will use them. Here are some factors you should think about when deciding the number of portable restrooms you should use:

  • Will food and alcohol be served? The more alcohol and food, the more portable restrooms you will need.
  • How long is the event? The longer the event, the likelihood you will need more restrooms.
  • Is there a water or electric supply? This will determine the type of portable restroom you should use.

Where should I place my portable restroom?

One of the best things about portable restrooms is that they are in fact, portable. You can place them wherever is convenient for you; however, there are a few criteria for proper placement:

  • Make sure the location is dry, and level.
  • Place in a convenient, easily accessible location.
  • Try to stay close to where food and drinks are served.
  • Should stay within 25 ft. of where a service truck can park.

What supplies does Nix Tank provide?

Nix Tank provides everything you’ll need: all soaps, paper products, and deodorizers are included in the price of the restroom. Even the hand washing stations are self-contained and have an onboard water supply.

How can I accommodate individuals with special needs?

It’s hard to find portable restrooms that are easily accessible for guests with special needs, but there are companies out there that provide them. At Nix Tank, we offer units that are specifically designed to accommodate wheelchair usage and meet ADA requirements.

What’s the best way to keep the rental clean?

The easiest way to keep your restrooms clean throughout the day is by hiring a restroom attendant. That way, their main job can be making sure the cleanliness stays on track. Also, the more restrooms you have the less use you will have per restroom, so that could also play a huge factor in keeping them clean.

Are there guidelines for winter use?

The major problem during the winter months is that portable restrooms that use fresh water tend to freeze over. This problem can be avoided by either winterizing your portable water system holding tank or using portable restrooms that don’t operate on fresh water. It’s completely up to you.

How close do your service trucks need to get to the units?

For delivery and pickup, we can work with just about any situation. But if service will be needed on the restroom, we require that our service trucks be able to get within 25 feet of wherever the restrooms may be located.

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