Spring weddings are beautiful, but don’t forget about the lavatories for your lavish guests! Barn weddings are becoming more popular, but trekking across field and farm just to use the restroom is no fun for anyone. Here are a few tips and pointers for using portable restrooms at your wedding!

Embrace Humor

It’s ok to have a sense of humor about porta-potties. Make them fancy! Take some funny wedding pictures. It’s all about having fun on your big day.

Consider the Number & Demographics of Your Guests

Be sure to reserve enough restrooms for your wedding guests. Check out our chart to see how many portable restrooms you may need to accommodate everyone comfortably. Contact a local portable restroom company and talk to them about pricing options.

Freshen Up

Make your wedding washrooms inviting by decorating them with flowers or ferns! They can even match your wedding decorations.

Make Signage

If you keep the restrooms out of sight, make sure your guests can find them! Make signage to direct your wedding guests towards the portable bathrooms. Cute signs are an option.

Provide Amenities

Impress your guests! Provide complimentary scented hand sanitizer, lotion, and air freshener. It will make your wedding guests feel refreshed and appreciated.

Nix Tank: Portable Restrooms for Any Occasion

If you are interested in renting portable restrooms for your outdoor wedding in Gainesville, GA, contact Nix Tank today! Call us for a free quote.

Updated: November 1, 2023