Luxury Portable Restroom Unit

If you’re hosting an upscale outdoor event, you’re going to want a nice place for your guests to use the restroom. At Nix Tank, we realize that a standard porta potty just isn’t enough for events such as these, so we offer a luxury portable restroom option to meet all your special occasion needs.

Great for weddings, black-tie events or any other occasion where a high-end experience is desired, these luxury portable toilets come equipped with all the conveniences of a modern bathroom in a self-contained and portable package. Each unit includes a fresh-water sink for washing hands, a soap dispenser and paper towels. Choose from one of two models: 

  • Standard restroom tank
  • Flushable toilet bowl

Handwashing units are the same size as the standard portable toilet units and they are completely self-contained. Because they don’t require any water hookups, they can be placed anywhere a typical porta potty can be placed without restrictions. 

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