There are several types of items that cannot be thrown away in a roll-off dumpster. So, what can you do with these items? This guide is here to give you some great, local resources for getting rid of all those worn-out tires and cans of old latex paint!

Cans of Unused or Old Latex Paint

Everyone has cans of partially used house paint in their garage or basement, but we all know that just throwing those cans of paint away can be terrible for our environment. Luckily, the metro Atlanta area has a great resource for recycling old latex paint! Atlanta Paint Disposal has paint collection and recycling centers all over our service area, including two locations in Gainesville. There is a small cost associated with this process (about $2-$3 per gallon), but proper disposal of waste will help keep our planet safe and clean!

Old or Scrap Tires

Before the days of quick-change tire shops, our grandfathers and fathers kept ever tire they changed because “you never know when you might need them!” But now, you need to get rid of them. Amko Tire Recycling is located in Gainesville, Georgia and is a state approved recycling facility. Again, there may be a slight cost associated with the recycling and if you are not close to Gainesville, you can always contact the Georgia Environmental Protection Division for additional recycling centers across the state.

Nix Tank: North Georgia’s Waste Management Experts

Although we are in the business of providing roll-off dumpsters and other disposal equipment for our clients, Nix Tank Company is always focused on proper disposal and keeping our environment healthy for future generations! 

Now that you’ve properly disposed of all your old cans of paint and scrap tires, call us today and let us reserve and schedule your roll-off dumpster delivery to take care of the rest!