Everyone knows how unenjoyable septic tank problems can be for you and your property. What people don’t know is that most septic tank problems are caused by a handful of mistakes that could be easily avoided.

Below are the primary causes for common septic tank problems, and how you and your family can avoid the unpleasant experience of a clogged septic tank.

Toxic Material

Although this problem won’t lead to clogging of your septic tank system, these material will destroy the soil around your septic tank and leave your yard damaged beyond repair. Some common toxic materials are paint thinners and common solvents. These materials eventually leach into the soil and destroy the surrounding area. Because these common toxic materials never decompose, this common problem can eventually develop into a very expensive repairs or even replacing your yard.


Detergents are a commonly used household product that can wreak serious havoc on your septic system. Although liquid and gel detergents don’t cause this problem, powder detergent contains something called phosphates that when broken down promoted the growth of algae within your septic tank. As with most problems surrounding your septic tank, algae could eventually block the distribution pipes of your septic system and not allow waste to properly drain from the tank when needed. This problem if left unattended or if unnoticed could lead to a total stoppage of the distribution pipes and eventual backup of the system as a whole.

Non-biodegradable Waste

Non-biodegradable waste can be one of the most hazardous products to find in your septic system. Some examples on non-biodegradable waste is paper towels, tampons and diapers. The problem with non-biodegradable waste is simple, it doesn’t go away. As with the algae, this waste can clog distribution pipes and eventually cause a complete stoppage of your septic drainage system. If you find non-biodegradable waste finding its way into your septic system, the only measure than can be taken to ensure no blockages occur is to have the material pumped from your septic system.

Excess Water

It may sound strange, but having excess water in your septic system can cause some serious problems. What happens when too much water is in your septic system is that solid materials fail to properly decompose. This material if not broken down properly can rise to the distribution pipes and cause the pipes to clog. Distribution pipes are designed to handle specific material in specific forms. When these materials aren’t in the right state blockages can occur and possibly lead to a full system block. 

So there you have it, a few simply items to avoid flushing that can have a serious impact on your septic system. Keep in mind what you’re putting down your drains and take the necessary steps to prevent these materials from entering your septic system. You’ll be happy you don’t have to deal with the issues they will cause. 

Septic Services

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